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Looking up to the sky…


Looking up to the sky,
Do you see , O dear, what I see?
Or is it just me and my psychosised sight,
Watching those birds flying free?
For the mazurka of those little creatures
Seems nothing now but denouement to me
And yet again I experience the same,
The same ferrago of doubts, hopes and glee.
But here, to the world of black and white,
It is either the left or the right.
Enough have I waited for the judgement,
Now, I shall fight for the mightiest flight.

Written by: Nitish Srivastava, B. Tech. Plastics Technology, Harcourt Butler Technical University, Kanpur (2019)

That Glance...

That instant
when I tasted your kiss,
when we inhaled each others' sigh,
she just wanted to cradle
her head in my arms;
That exchange of looks
Those barter of breaths
Those trade of kisses
it was so calming and healing;
I could feel my body relaxing
as she started kissing my neckline;
And a hundred sweet sensations
suddenly came to life
as she slides her hand in,
and her fingers started to explore my body.
And I could not stop my tongue
which proceeded to explore
her every concealed contours;
Suddenly our whole world came to a halt;
Everything is muted as we
eye trance one another
And she immediately acknowledged
the smile of satisfaction
making a perfect curves across my face
and responded to it by a sweet short moan.
Purposely I hold myself to see

the reveal of her sweet surrender

Written by: Akanksha Raj, works at DataFlow Group

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